Spray Coat Finishing - Painting and Refinishing - Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Fiberglass

SprayCoat Finishing Services

Metal and Furniture Restoration:

SprayCoat Finishing offers wood restoration and epoxy finishesSprayCoat Finishing brings new light to any surface.  We work with a variety of processes for all types of materials and finishes. 

  • All Metal: aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass ect.....
  • Wood
  • plastics
  • carbon fiber
  • composites
  • fiber glass
  • glass
  • automotive
  • motorcycles and military


Finishing Processes:

In the hands of our skillful operators, our spray guns can coat practically any object. We can apply various coatings whose viscosity, flow and drying rate are controlled by solvent blending and adjustment of the application environment.  We will strip, sand, and prepare your furniture and products so the outcome of its finish is flawless.

SprayCoat Finishing is masters at metal refinishing and military spec coatingsSome of our processes include:

  • sanding and cleaning
  • priming, staining
  • clear coating
  • toning
  • varnishing
  • custom coating
  • sealing
  • filling
  • lacquer
  • re-coating
  • antiquing
  • faux finishing
  • glazing and epoxy

We also do custom display work, wicker furniture, cabinet, bars, any and all kinds of unique furniture.


SprayCoat Finishing is here for all your refinishing needs! Metal Refinishing, Wood Restoration, epoxy finishes, and even military spec coatings. Contact us today!


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