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Who are these guys anyway?

SprayCoat Finishing are masters of restoration, refinishing, painting, and spray coatingsMove over, Men in Toolbelts! There are two new furniture guys in town — who bring their own style of friendly banter and a fresh, high-tech approach to the age-old process of furniture restoration and refinishing. It started the day a neighbor came to Jim Brown's shop with a problem.

“At first, it looked like a pile of scrap metal,” says Jim. “It was a horribly rusted set of patio furniture. Most of the original paint had chipped off years ago, and it had weathered very badly. But underneath the rust I caught a glimpse of something that was once very special.”

And what a treasure it turned out to be: the set had been brought to America by the woman's family over 50 years ago, and in terms of emotional value, it was irreplaceable and priceless. While carefully peeling away the rough exterior, a delicately hand-crafted and intricately woven wrought-iron design slowly revealed itself. Once it had been stripped and repainted with a baked-on, hard-shell lacquer, it literally looked brand new.

 “Because our industrial painting is highly technical in nature, we have state-of-the-art paints, lacquers and enamels that a typical customer would either be unaware of or wouldn't have access to,” says Chris Brown. “When we redo a project for a customer, we can usually improve on the original finish.”

“It was a tremendously satisfying and happy experience for the customer and for us,” added Jim. “From that moment on, I knew it was something we wanted to do a lot more of.”

Soon the woman was back with a bookcase and a bedroom set. The new division of SprayCoat was officially launched.

But these guys aren't limited to breathing new life into old furniture. A stroll through their Camden, NJ shop reveals a setting that could be called cross between a museum and a flea market. The place is literally stacked to the ceiling with everything from tables and bureaus to exercise equipment and pool cues — all staged and prepped for the SprayCoat treatment. There is even a bird cage hanging from a rafter.

When asked where all this is eventually going, Jim is thoughtful. “We'll always have our industrial and production painting operation. It's where our roots are. We've got employees and customers who have been with us for years. But we love this new aspect of the painting and refinishing business. And it keeps getting bigger. We never know what kind of project will come in the door next. Who knows? Maybe we'll have a TV show someday, too!”

Well, it might be a while before those other Men in Toolbelts need to worry about losing their time slot to the SprayCoat guys. But for anyone looking for an accessible, live alternative to a TV show, a visit to the SprayCoat shop is as entertaining as it is informative. And it sure beats those summer reruns.


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